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Track 2

  • Build a fully isolated virtualized end to end testing environment from Python

    | Duration: 180min (Workshop)
    Bar-Ilan CS lab 203 (Building 604 on the map)

    In this workshop we will see how easy it can be to implement fully automated system test for your Python application, that would integrate easily in your Development or Continuous Integration flow. We will use the open source Python project - Lago, which allows you to create fully isolated environments and interact with them using a Python API. We will go through the steps of building complete end- to-end system tests, which includes: deployment, installation and interaction with your application in the testing environment, simulating production scenarios such as making API calls, putting your application behind an HTTP server, testing for scale and more. We will also talk about how to investigate failures, and how these tests can integrate easily with conventional unit-testing frameworks such as PyTest and nose. Attendees of this workshop should have intermediate Python knowledge.

    Hardware Requirements
    One Laptop with at least 8GB of RAM and 15 GB free disk space
    Supported operating systems
    RHEL 7.3, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, CentOS 7.3

    We will present the workshop on a projector so participants can see the workshop tasks even without installing the projects.
    We’ll do our best to provide a few pre-installed laptops for people in need. Please make sure to mention you need a laptop when subscribing to the workshop. It is likely that not all requests will be answered.