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Track 2

  • PyCon-IL.TV: Kodi Add-on From Scratch -- part II

    | Duration: 90min (Workshop)
    Bar-Ilan CS lab 203 (Building 604 on the map)

    Kodi is a media-center software, designed to be displayed on large TV screens
    and controlled easily from the sofa. Kodi's flexible, Python based, add-on
    system effectively make it a general-purpose GUI platform, and provide a simple
    way to create a TV interface for web applications.

    In this workshop, we will start with the basics, and learn how to add a custom
    add-on and get it to run. Once the simple demo is running properly, it can be
    modified to show relevant data from the conference website.

    Hopefully, future sprints could expand and generalize that, providing for future
    PyCons an easy way to feature large screens, controlled by remotes, that would
    allow participants to browse the conference schedule and view videos from
    previous years.

    We need to keep contact with the participants, in order to send announcements
    and let you know what you need to prepare in advance.
    After registration, please join the forum:!forum/pyconil-kodi-workshop
    or email me